1. Content of Services

1.1 Specific contents for network services of Gree Website are provided by Gree according to actual situation, including but not limit to Gree open platform, app store and related enterprise services, game, BBS, etc.
1.2 User understand and accept that Gree only provides related network services, other equipment (such as PC, mobile phone and other related devices connected to Internet or mobile Internet) and required expenses (such as telephone rate and Internet access fees, etc.) should be taken by the user.
1.3 User should input account number and password to log in Gree account. In order to provide you with better services, if you use mobile phone to log in one Gree app with Gree account, you can log in other Gree apps in the same mobile phone with just one key.
1.4 Except for the software and services provided by Gree, you can also use Gree account to log in and use related services of Gree partnership.

2. Account and Password

2.1 Once you have registered and become the user, you will have a password and account, and you should take full responsibility for all the activities and acts in the account. If the account number and password are out of your control due to your fault, then the loss caused by you, Gree or any third parties should be taken by yourself.
2.2 You have the right to alter the password at any time, and agree that if you find any security holes or illegal use of the account, please inform Gree immediately.
2.3 You agree not to use the account, user name or password of others at any time under unauthorized situation.

3. Rules for Use

3.1 When using this service, you should observe related laws and regulations, including but not limit to Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, General Principles of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China, Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China, Telecommunication Law of the People’s Republic of China, Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Service, Management Regulations of Internet Electronic Bulletin Service, State Secrets Law of the People’s Republic of China, Security Statutes for Computer Information System of the People’s Republic of China, Measures for the Administration of the Computer Information Network Internet Security and Protection, The Decision of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Maintaining Internet Security, and related judicial interpretation.
3.2 When using this service, please abide by the following principles:

3.2.1 Abide by all the network agreement, regulation and program related to the network service;
3.2.2 Do not conduct any behaviors that may impact the normal operation of Internet;
3.2.3 Do not use this service due to any illegal or commercial purposes;
3.2.4 Do not conduct any behaviors that make against the Gree open platform;
3.2.5 Do not transmit any annoying, calumnious, abusive, threatened, four-letter or any other illegal information;
3.2.6 Legally acquire necessary consent, permit or license of any data provided by you;
3.2.7 Do not transmit or post junk mail, irrational large document, chain mail, multi-level marketing, network virus or other technologies that may impact the interest or property of this service or user of this service.
3.3 You have the right to use related services provided by Gree account according to the regulation of Gree user.
3.4 If the registered data is altered when using the service, you should renew the correct and specific registration data.
3.5 You should bear legal responsibility for any behaviors that conducted with the account, including but not limit to all the behaviors that conducted by you or other people under your account and password. If loss of Gree and its related company or the third party arises due to your improper keeping of your account and password, you should fully compensate and eliminate the impact.
3.6 You understand and agree to accept the information service provided by Gree or the third party when using the services provided by Gree account.
3.7 Gree has the right to stop, alter and terminate the service according to actual situations without any liabilities to you or any third parties.

4. Prohibition

It is not allowed to release or transmit sensitive information or the information that against the national laws, rules and policies with Gree account, including but not limit to the following information:
4.1 Information that violate the basic principle of constitution;
4.2 Information that imperil the unity, ownership and completeness of dominion of the nation;
4.3 Information that disclose national secret, imperil national safety or damage national honor and interest;
4.4 Information that stir up national enmity and national discrimination, impact the national solidarity, or imperil national custom;
4.5 Information that transmit heresy and fetish;
4.6 Information that is demagogic, and disarrange social order;
4.7 Information that is about obscenity, gambling, violence or criminal;
4.8 Information that is about insulting or slandering others or infringing other people’s legal rights;
4.9 Information that is about impacting social morality or national cultural tradition;
4.10 Information that is prohibited by laws, regulations and the country;

5. Alteration, Stop or Termination of Service

5.1 Whereas the specialty of network service, user agrees that Gree has the right to alter, stop or terminate partial or whole of the network service according to the developing situation of business at any time without informing the user, nor bearing any liabilities to any users or any third parties;
5.2 User understands that Gree needs to regularly or aperiodically inspect or maintain the platform (such as Internet website, mobile network, etc.) or related equipment that provides network service, if there is reasonable pause of network service due to such reason, Gree will bear no liability, but Gree should inform the user in advance as much as possible.
5.3 Under one of the following cases, Gree has the right to terminate or stop providing the network service (including charged network service) under this Agreement at any time without bearing any liabilities to the user or any third parties:
5.3.1 Personal data provided by the user is not authentic;
5.3.2 User has violated the using rules stipulated in this agreement.

6. Intellectual Property Right

6.1 Any texts, pictures, graphs, audio/video included in the network service provided by Gree are protected by the copyright, trademark and/or other property rights that without the consent of related oblige, the abovementioned material should not be used for any commercial purposes.
6.2 All the rights of any software (including but not limit to any graphs, photos, automation, video, record, music, character and attached program or materials) provided by Gree for the network service belong to the copyright owner of the software, without the permission of copyright owner of the software, user should not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.

7. Privacy Protection

7.1 Protecting personal privacy of user is one of the basic policies of Gree, Gree guarantees not to disclose or provide the registration data of user or non-disclosed contents of user to the third party when using the network service, except for the following cases:

7.1.1 Gree has acquired the prior specific authority of user;
7.1.2 Under the requirements of related laws and regulations;
7.1.3 Under the requirements of related governmental and competent department;
7.1.4 Under the requirements of public security organ, office of the public prosecutor, and the court;
7.1.5 For protecting the public interest;
7.1.6 For protecting legal interest of Gree.
7.2 Gree may cooperate with the third party to provide users with related network service, under such case, if the third party agree to bear the same liability of user privacy protection with Gree, then Gree has the right to provide the third party with user’s registration data.
7.3 Under the precondition that not disclosing the privacy data of user, Gree has the right to analyze the whole user database and use it for commercial purpose.
7.4 Gree has made the following four privacy protection principles to instruct us to settle the problem that involves user’s right of privacy and information:
(1) Use the collected information to provide users with valuable product and service.
(2) Develop the products that meet the right of privacy standard and right of privacy rules.
(3) Collection of personal information should be supervised by authorized third party.
(4) Protect the information in hand as much as possible.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 Gree will not guarantee that the network service can satisfy the requirement of user, nor guarantee that the network service will not be interrupted, and there is no guarantee for the timeliness, safety, and accuracy of the network service.
8.2 Gree will not guarantee for the accuracy and integrality of the external links which is for convenience, meanwhile, for any contents in the external links that out of actual control of Gree, Gree will bear no liability.
8.3 For the loss which is caused by network error, computer error or virus, information damage or loss, computer system problems due to telecommunication system or Internet or other Force Majeure, Gree will bear no liability, but Gree will reduce the loss and impact due to such reasons as much as possible."

9. Solution of Lawsuit and dispute

9.1 Laws of the People’s Republic of China is applicable to this agreement.
9.2 Any disputes arising due to this agreement shall be friendly negotiated and settled; otherwise either party should submit the issue to the local jurisdictional people’s court of Gree.

10. Other Regulations

10.1 If any clause of this agreement becomes partially or entirely invalid or violate the applicable laws due to any reason, then the clause may be deemed deleted, while the other clauses of this agreement shall remain valid and has binding force.
10.2 Gree has the right to adjust or modify this agreement at any time according to the change of related laws and regulations, operating status and operational strategy of company without further notice.The agreement after modification may be publicized in Gree website. Related disputes shall be subject to the latest agreement. If users not agree the modification of this agreement, user has the right to stop using the network service. If user continue to use the network service, it will be deemed as the user accept Gree’s modification of this agreement.
10.3 Gree has the authority for the interpretation and modification of this agreement under the maximum allowable range of law.